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Items Needed for the Brit

It is necessary for you to provide the following items at the brit (I will bring everything else):

  1. A sturdy table (not a folding table) with a good light source. On the table you should place candles (with matches to light them) and a Kiddush cup. In addition, my instruments will be on the table. It is nice to have the table covered with a decorative white or blue cloth cover. There should be a trash can or garbage bag under the table.

  2. Two sturdy chairs, one for Elijah and one for the Sandak.

  3. Kosher Concord grape wine.  The Kiddush cup should be partially filled with wine.

  4. Candlesticks and candles.

  5. Challah, to start the festive meal.

  6. Baby wipes, bulb syringe, diapers, pacifier, and petroleum jelly.

  7. Pillow, standard size. As it is common for babies to urinate just prior to, or after the circumcision, please do not use a pillow which may be ruined by urine.

  8. Tallit for the father and Sandak; yarmulkes for the guests.

  9. The baby should wear a gown that can be raised above the diaper level.

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